Need to learn what the terms mean? 

Life insurance is based on your current age, and physical condition.  So you'll enter information that gives the insurer an idea what type of physical condition you're in. 

Then because different parts of the country have different lifestyles and average life spans we'll ask a few more questions to determine the rate category to place you in.  Are you a smoker or non-smoker etc.? 

Then those tricky coverage amounts.  One solution, take your current salary and estimate how long others would need your income to cover if you were to die tomorrow. 


Annual Salary * Years needed = Amount Need

If my salary is $40,000 and my youngest child needs my support for 10 years then $400,000.

You might also ask, how much would it cost to payoff my debt or funeral expenses so someone else doesn't have to.

What type of coverage?

ART = Annual renewable term - this is the least expensive but the premium is not guaranteed and the payment may increase each year. 

Level Term = A guaranteed level term insurance payment. - you pick the guarantee time 5, 10, 15, 20 years and the payments will stay the same for the entire term. 

RPO = Return of Premium - this means if you survive the policy term you will receive at least a portion of your premium payments back.

You can also select coverage until a certain age.

Or lifetime permanent insurance which has an element of cash value included and will last as long as you live.  

All of the types of coverage have different positives and negatives.  We're happy to answer your questions to make sure you have coverage that fits your needs. 

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